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John A Almada
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         After 2 years of writing I am working on the  last chapter of History of the Pagans. A  chapter with a timeline of events to make a clearer picture of our history. I cruise in and out of historical eras to illustrate the peacefulness of most ancient pagan cultures. I am also supportive of the notion that there is a phase of ancient history before the gods that is swept under the rug by historians. An era where permanent buildings -monuments and temples were never made although there were many areas where people gathered.                                                                                                               In my book I propose the Reindeer People- the hunter gatherer cave painters, actually had a life that was comfortable and not very stressful,. even enviable.

Television brainwashes everyone to a certain degree with quaint notions and completely inaccurate scenarios of the past. Old white historians have always written the "authoritative histories." These armchair warriors tied together all the battles and royal hierarchys and political intrique and call it the History of the World.                                                                                                                 History of the Pagans seeks to exhibit the quiet pagans. Sure we know about the conquering vikings  but there were plenty Vikings at home doing regular work. Making runes, growing crops, feeding children. Feisty viking women Probably steered alot of the social life. Many men prayed to Vanir and worked at their crops and never sailed. A Viking wife had many freedoms, as did Celt women, and they could divorce her husband when it was suitable. Why is it we only hear about Violent Vikings? Why, because you are brainwashed to think  Life in the Viking days or in the ancient Reindeer People society was not the flea bitten, disease ridden, starving, bug eating society that they are made out to be.

              You are brainwashed by white historians to think Vikings were always subjected to having their heads hewn off and wolves were killing people in their homes and all that. Perceptions are skewed. We are told we are the most modern, the most healthy, thanks to science--- meanwhile science tells you that humans have been around a billion years or something which put them at odds with christians who think the world is 6666 years old and Noah and the Seven Dwarves and Adam and Eve are true stories.                      

Science suggests the planet and cosmos are so old that our planet couldn't possibly be as young as christian people say, created instantly by some genius god with a heckofa magic wand. Like I ask in my book--did God Practice in his lab? He created a planet and atmosphere and genetics and intra cellular symbiotics his first try?   Or maybe this is his first try and we are locked up in some cosmic lab  somewhere because we are a really bad mistake?

So yes I have grabbed History of the Pagans as my own  because no one has really written the definitve book of history from the viewpoint of Pagans.

           The three most influenial religions all were created in about the same area of the world. Right? Mohammed, Levites and the Old Testament, Christianity. All from the same little place in the world called the mideast. The home of xcessive violence, religous holy areas, patriarchal societies that have always thrown women under the bus and the need of the people to control their lives     " Authority is derived from the free consent of the People".(fUNDAMENTAL oRDERS  1639) From this small place on our big beautiful planet- come the most co-ercive  misogynist manipulative religons of them all,  Islam &Christianity . They spread across the world in what I call the Holy Rampage of Conquest                                                                                      which only resulted in spilling of an ocean of Pagan blood across the planet where these conquerors traveled .

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